Reflecting on Communication in the Early Childhood Field

Throughout this course, I’ve been learning about communication, team building, and collaboration strategies and skills that will support you as an early childhood professional. No doubt you will be in collegial environments in which people work together toward a common goal—ensuring the health and well-being of young children and their families. The late Jim RohnContinue reading “Reflecting on Communication in the Early Childhood Field”

Team Building and Collaboration, Part I

“To build a collaborative environment in which everyone feels respected and valued, team building is the essential first step” (Laureate, 2011). This week I read about the five stages of team development: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Considering these stages, the adjourning phase, there have been several groups in which I’ve been involved, whereContinue reading “Team Building and Collaboration, Part I”

The Land Before Time – The Brave Longneck Scheme: Verbal vs. Nonverbal Communication

“Communication is not always straightforward. Everyone, at some time or another, makes assumptions based on messages communicated through body language and facial expressions” (Laureate, 2011). For this blog, I chose to watch, in silence, a cartoon clip of The Land Before Time. The opening scene starts of with a three horned dinosaur and a longneckContinue reading “The Land Before Time – The Brave Longneck Scheme: Verbal vs. Nonverbal Communication”

What Is Communication?

Before we begin, we must be clear that “communication is the process by which individuals use symbols, signs, and behaviors to exchange information” (O’Hair, D., Wiemann, M., D. I., & Teven, J., 2018, p. 4). “We do it by our presence and by our absence, by our silences as well as our words, by ourContinue reading “What Is Communication?”

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